Chicken Two Ways

Oh dear. I did not lose anything at my weigh in this weekend. Not even half a pound. This is a shame, and I do feel a little deflated, but I know it is just because I am getting close, have much less of me to lose and therefore it’s more difficult. It just means I have to try even harder this week.

I roasted a chicken on Sunday. I actually followed a Jamie Oliver recipe which was in the Sunday newspaper magazine. It was served with a tomato, red onion, basil and crouton salad. I added a stuffed mushroom and some sweet potatoes. Delicious.


Part of the joy of roasting a chicken is that you get to have the leftovers for dinner the next day. I served it with baked sweet potato chips and a salad.


I worked from home today, so was able to make a courgette omelette for lunch, which I had with some smoked salmon. I slice the courgettes with a potato peeler so they are like ribbons – that way you get lots and lots of them and feel like you are eating lots!


It lost it’s structural integrity a bit, but was still yummy and very low in calories yet filling and nutritious.


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