Enjoying a Holiday on a Diet

I’m recently back from a wonderful 2 week long holiday. HL and I had a lovely time – we took in Mexico, Florida and Las Vegas. It’s quite a while since we had a 2 week holiday, usually going away for 1 or a long weekend – it was awesome to have such a long period.

For me going anywhere different – be it another country or even a different region, is wrapped up in trying local dishes and specialities. I love to travel, and part of what I love is trying delicious food which I either don’t see often at home or (even better!) have never seen at all.

So how does going on a 2 week trip and losing the half half stone go together? Well, actually much better than I thought! I was certain of one thing – I was going to enjoy my holiday. I love holidays, and I wasn’t going to resent my new lifestyle by not allowing myself to enjoy it fully. I decided to be realistic – I would eat nice things, try local dishes but not gorge myself silly and try to be active. I told myself I was allowed to put on 3 pounds over the 2 weeks, then I had to lose them within 2 weeks of my return. In reality, I actually got home to find out that I had only put on a pound! I’m really, really happy about this, and think it shows that you can enjoy food and still maintain a healthy weight with a few sensible steps.

All Inclusive In Mexico

We stayed for 5 nights in an all inclusive resort in Mexico. I was clear with myself that this meant I could have whatever I wanted – NOT whatever I could. I had a lot of wonderful fish, which was incredibly fresh, delicious and good for me. I tended to have a large breakfast, starting every day with a huge plate of fresh fruit, then moving on to exciting things. There was so much – tacos, French toast, omelettes, pancakes, pastries etc. After the fruit, I had one plate of a good sized portion of something each day, but not everything every day as I would have done last year. I tried a different breakfast option each day, so I got to try everything.

Every day we went for a long walk along the beach before breakfast – while the beach was quiet and before the sun got too strong. This is about the best and most relaxing thing you can do, but also decent exercise. There was also an aqua aerobics class every day, in a pool overlooking the beach – if only exercise was always that much fun!

Handmade gnocchi with squid
Handmade gnocchi with squid


America – a land of big portions and delicious food. Most days I only had two meals. Two delicious meals was all I felt I needed. We also did a LOT of walking – we had 4 days in Universal Studios hanging out with Harry Potter, and my Fitbit pedometer averaged about 25000 steps just doing normal walking around the theme parks. We also did a lot of walking in Las Vegas to get about and see everything.

Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake
Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake

I had this cheesecake for lunch. Just the cheesecake, nothing else. Yummy lunch.

Blueberry pancakes
Blueberry pancakes

Delicious pancakes for breakfast. I ate two of the three, because after two I felt stuffed. These were so yummy, and lasted me until dinner.

I think my top tips for enjoying a holiday on a diet would be – appreciate the food you eat; when there is something you want then have it and enjoy it; don’t eat excessive amounts – when you are full then stop; try to build in as much activity as possible.


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