Ups and Downs

I’m a little bit disappointed with myself this weekend. Last weekend I lost a pound and a half, losing all of my holiday weight gain. I felt really positive, and like my ultimate goal was within my grasp. This weekend – not only did I not inch closer to a weight which is getting tantalisingly close, it actually got further away. I put on a pound.

During my weight loss I have very, very rarely put weight on. I have often not lost as much in one week as expected, or stayed the same – but putting on is a bit of a kick in the teeth. Initially I felt a bit dejected about this, especially as I feel that I was still eating well. I did have 2 dinners out, and perhaps didn’t chose as well as I could have, so I think this must be why. I’m feeling much more positive now though and it’s given me a bit of a kick. I WILL make sure that I get back of track this week.

This started on Saturday, when we went for a big birthday lunch. This is always a bit tricky, eating with a large group. We walked all the way from Kings Cross to the restaurant and back – a round trip of 4 miles – since it was a lovely sunny day, for the exercise. I made my lunch my main meal, chose a vegetable starter, grilled fish main and coffee in place of pudding, then only had fruit for dinner later. This evening, I’ve had a delicious and healthy dinner.

Salmon, with spinach, beans, chorizo and pear
Salmon, with spinach, beans, chorizo and pear

By and large this week I will be factoring in nutrition more than taste to really get myself back on track. Two stone is just so close now!


One thought on “Ups and Downs

  1. Pardon me if this is lewd, but I’ve noticed that one pound extra doesn’t necessarily mean much. I’ve weighed myself a pound lighter after a trip to the bathroom. That’s why I always weigh myself stark naked first thing in the morning (except for the night before starting the lifestyle change…. For my initial weight I was clothed and freshly feasted). Don’t let it worry you.

    Anyway, I wish you success and happiness.


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