Weigh In

Something brilliant happened.

My watch has been pretty loose over the last couple of months from the weight I’ve lost so far. It was starting to get silly, slipping about all over the place. I went into a jewellers and they altered for me so that it fits! That was a pretty good feeling and has left me on a bit of a high.

Last night I made bolognese. It was very good. It’s not typically considered either a gourmet or healthy meal. But mine was both delicious and had quite a bit of goodness in.


I dry-fried extra lean mince – no need to have any oil as even the extra lean has a fair bit of fat, so it cooks nicely in that. Added a chopped red onion once it had started to brown. I left that to cook on a medium heat for a few minutes. Then I added lots of chopped mushrooms and some tomato purée. After stirring it around I added a glass of red wine. I left it for a minute or two to start absorbing. Then I added a can of chopped tomatoes. I turned the heat to low and let it simmer. Near the end I added some crushed garlic – I always add this near the end so it doesn’t cook out as much and tastes stronger. Then I added one spoonful of the pasta cooking water which gives it a nice silky texture from all the starch.

One key trick, is I fill the bottom of my bowl with spinach. Then I put in some pasta. Then the sauce over the top. This has many benefits and I really recommend. The heat from the cooked food makes it wilt a bit, but not completely so it doesn’t go soggy. It bulks out the dish, and tricks your eyes – the bowl looks very full so you feel like you have a big meal, but lots of it is spinach. Plus the spinach is very good for you, and goes really well with the bolognese.

I’m very happy to be back from my weigh in, where I found out that I’ve lost a pound!