Meat Free Thursday

I like good vegetarian food. Sometimes I like to go meat free – because it’s good for me, because it’s good for the environment, and because I can’t stand our entitlement culture where everyone thinks they somehow deserve meat with every meal – and never mind the consequences of mass production on the scale needed to make that a reality. So while I could never give up meat entirely, I do make sure I don’t guzzle it like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s been a really good food day – both for my taste bubs and for my health. For lunch, I went to Borough Market. It’s one of the most famous markets in the country and it’s 5 minutes from my office, so I’m pretty lucky. I actually find Borough market a bit hit and miss- some things are incredible, but I’ve also had some rather expensive disappointments. I probably pop over to pick up an interesting lunch about once a fortnight. Today was amazing. There was a new stall selling healthy Indian street food. I had a lentil crepe filled with spiced potatoes, served with chana Marsala. Delicious.


Dinner was a red pepper stuffed with lentils and spinach and a little feta, with sweet potato baked fries and half a stuffed mushroom (HL had one and a half). Yummy.